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"It's really hard not to fall in love with zouk once you see it, Haynes said."


"A partner dance with the closeness of tango, sensuality of bachata and quick turns

reminiscent of salsa." "I think it's the sensuality, he said of the dance's growing popularity.

Zouk is a completely fluid dance. It's almost like you're floating."


Sensual Brazilian ZOUK dance - Orgasmic Feeling in connection with your partner  

Learn this sensual brazilian ZOUK dance with its root from lambada
Open your mind to feel  - energy, connection, lead & follow use all your senses to feel
your partner. Thinking out of the box and using the full body connection in this sensual
Brazilian ZOUK dance, helps you to be more creative, feel more and also increase your
awareness of your partner


ZOUK sensual dance with its roots from Rio in Brazil, now with a modern touch, the energy

flow in focus and with inspirations from contact improvisation, jazz and modern dance.

Thinking out of the box and using the full time connection used in ZOUK dance, helps you to

be more creative. Develop your dance level in general, and increase your awareness of

lead/follow to improve all your partner dances.




NOW ZOUK Special deal - 10 Hours ZOUK classes!

Special offer Valid until 30 sep (paid classes before 30 sep)
Register with a friend (not registered yet) and you get 300 sek discount (150sek each)
Register both from Denmark and you get 600 sek discount (300sek each)
(Ofcourse cites as gothenburg abit far away is same discount as for other countries)

1 discount / person
Online registration www.zoukaddicted.com/classes.html


4-5 Oct ZOUK Malmö workshops at Malmö Tantra festival




Ref http://brazouka.info/Media.html











ZOUK Malmö intro workshop & demo               Again ZOUK Malmö performs live streamed








Lets dance tv4 show 2014 , ZOUK Malmö - David Kay and Felicia in a rumba


2+2 hours training together in Rumba , happy just to survive and not messing up

Thank you sweet and lovely Felicia and Tony !





ZOUK Malmö in Metro








ZOUK Malmö - Dance walk in both sydsvenskan and metro newspapers 4th of June


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