Welcome to ZOUK Malmö - NEW Classes 2015

The feeling in Zouk is often compared to running water. It flows smoothly and naturally.


There is plenty of time to enjoy every movement. Be like a wonder of nature on the dance floor, and where is music - there is ZOUK dance!

Zouk is a completely fluid dance. It's almost like you're floating

It's really hard not to fall in love with zouk once you see it. A partner dance with


- closeness of tango

 - sensuality of bachata

 - quick turns reminiscent of salsa


Learn this sensual brazilian ZOUK dance with its root from

"The Forbidden Dance" - Lambada



Ref http://brazouka.info/Media.html

David Kay ZOUK Weekend | Stockholm 21 feb 2015


Lets´s dance 2014 TV4 with Toni Irving, David Kay and Felicia

-  ZOUK , the sensual dance with its roots from Rio in Brazil.  

   jazz and modern dance. Thinking out of the box, using the continuously connection, you will be

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ZOUK Malmö in Metro

ZOUK Malmö - Dance walk in both sydsvenskan and metro newspapers 4th of June

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